Tunisian Couple Celebrates Wedding in Prison

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Tunisian Couple Celebrates Wedding in Prison
Sun 26-01-2014

35 year old Tunisian woman Aida Al Tarabulsi, met her husband Nader 10 years ago while working as a sales girl at one of the clothing stores.

In 2007 Nader was arrested for drug dealing and addiction, and was sent to prison for 28 years.

Aida refused to leave him and kept on sending him letters, because she couldn't see him since she was not related.

Nader suggested they get married, so she can visit him in prison.

Aida got the approval to have their wedding in prison from the authorities, and they soon started planning the wedding.

Aida wore her friend's wedding dress because she couldn't afford one, the hair and makeup were offered as a gift from the neighborhood salon.

When she arrived to the prison she was surprised that the people there decorated the cafeteria and turned it into a wedding hall.

Once the wedding was over Aida went to her home, and Nader to his prison cell.