Turkey: Divorce Rates Increase

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Turkey: Divorce Rates Increase
Fri 13-02-2015

The Turkish Ministry of Family and Social Policy has failed to get positive results from the advisory centers to persuade members to continue to marry and avoid resorting to divorce in the country.

The research findings prepared by the Directorate General of Family and Community Services indicated that the highest divorce rate was in Antalya.

Followed by the cities of the Aegean region, then Istanbul, the least divorce rates in the country came in the cities of central Anatolia.

The results confirmed that the divorce rate in Turkey within the first five years of marriage was high, reaching to %39.9.

According to the statistics of marriage and divorce it appeared that 2012 has seen 123.325 thousand cases of divorce, and increased during 2013 to reach 125.305 thousand divorces.

Statistics also revealed that the proportion of marriages during 2013 were at a rate of 0.06% drop compared to 1.6% increase in divorce cases during the same year.