Turkey: Mass Wedding in Football Field

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Turkey: Mass Wedding in Football Field
Fri 08-08-2014

A Turkish charity stepped in to help 90 Turkish couples tackle the cost of getting married by organising a mass ceremony at a football club.

Attended by 3,500 guests, the enormous Muslim ceremony was held at a stadium in Reyhanli, Hatay Province, and organised by non-profit organisation the Konya Mehir Foundation as well as the local government.

The happy couples, all of them from low income families, were also given gifts of donated furniture, bedroom linens, crockery, clothing and even large household items such as refrigerators to help get their new lives together off to a good start.

Each of the 90 couples, who were also provided with flowers and food, had been chosen by the charity due to their financial situations.

Most of the brides wore white wedding dresses, paired with an array of headscarves, veils and tiaras, while many also wore a red sash around their waists.