Turkish Village Says No to Smoking Grooms

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Turkish Village Says No to Smoking Grooms
Mon 23-01-2012


A small Turkish village has taken on a new approach in marrying their daughters, as they refuse to marry them to young men who smoke!

They even prevent their sons and employees from smoking.

The Mayor of the village, Abdul Rahman Salgakli, comments "We do not allow smokers to work within the village or even at its borders. We follow the same rules when we marry off our daughters. We ask the suitor first if he is a smoker or not. If he turns out to be a smoker, we don't give him our daughters!"

According to "Turkey Today" newspaper, the village is home to 550 people. No cigarette was smoked in this village for 51 years. There is a banner at the entrance of the village which says "No Smoking in This Village’.  Even if the suitor is not from the village itself, the people of the village still don't agree on the marriage.