UAE Couple's Propose in Outer Space on Valentine's Day

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UAE Couple's Propose in Outer Space on Valentine's Day
Thu 14-02-2013

Parisian entrepreneur Nicolas Garreau has devised extraordinary ways to make an impression on Valentine's Day.

He claims his groundwork will guarantee that your lover will skip a heartbeat when you finally go down on your knees and pop the question.

In fact, this year he has upped the stakes by planning a marriage proposal in space for the first-time ever.

A 35-year-old French man’s proposal will turn historical as he becomes the first man, ever, to propose to his girlfriend in space.

The proposal will be filmed in space, as a giant helium-filled balloon with the message reading ‘Vanessa, will you marry me?’ explodes into space.

The journey through space will be recorded on DVD, with “the message of love set to arrive at an altitude of 30 kilometres,” says Garreau.

It’ll cost you just under Dh25,000 to pop the question in outer space.

Garreau’s French company ApoteoSurprise specialises in planning spectacular marriage proposals in Paris, and the space proposal is only one in 30 such romantic experiences he has catalogued for his clients.

“In France, we have an expression which says that when we are really in love, we must be able to ‘unhook the moon from the sky’. So, I said to myself, ok, I’ll do it! So I thought about this unique plan. Now, it’s possible to propose in space, at an altitude of 30km,” elaborates Nicolas.

“At this altitude, the scenery is just amazing, and the blue planet is just the most beautiful thing ever seen.”

Although Dubai residents might’ve missed the deadline for this year’s V-day space routine, they can still avail of the option all year round.

“For a client from UAE, once the space flight is successfully done, it will be sent as a DVD to wherever he lives.”

And, that’s a bonus for those lovers who can’t travel to Paris but want to make an impact nevertheless.

In fact, Nicolas has had a few clients from Dubai since 2009. “My clients from Dubai mainly chose the experience ‘Say I love you while showered by 1,000 roses’.

“I get, maybe two or three couples from Dubai every year, but I really have clients coming from all over the World to express their love in Paris.”

“My job is really about helping men to amaze their loved one in Paris all along the year, not only on the February 14,” he concludes.