UK's Most Expensive Divorce Judge Grants Wife $530 Million

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UK's Most Expensive Divorce Judge Grants Wife $530 Million
Tue 02-12-2014

The wife of a London hedge fund manager has been granted $530 million in their divorce settlement, the largest sum ever awarded by a British court, the Guardian reported.

American Jamie Cooper-Hohn announced her intention to divorce husband Sir Chris Hohn in March 2012, and the two have been locked in legal battles ever since.

The couple established the UK’s Children’s Investment Fund Foundation in 2002 and are considered great philanthropists.

But while Cooper-Hohn maintained during proceedings that she had made a central contribution to the foundation, her husband claimed he was the sole decision maker in the CIFF and the family’s “key” money-maker.

Cooper-Hohn, who the New York Daily News reported is Jewish, met her husband at Harvard. The two married in 1995 and have four children together.