Underwater Wedding in Poland

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Underwater Wedding in Poland
Wed 26-11-2014

Dorota Bankowska, a professional diver, married teacher James Abbott in her home town of Plock in Poland last month but wanted to do something in Scotland where they both live and work.

Mrs Abbott had trained at The Underwater Centre on the shores of Loch Linnhe in 2007 and approached its staff about hosting the special occasion.

The tank is normally used for training divers and testing new equipment, such as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Pictures supplied by The Underwater Centre.

The bride wore a white wedding dress and the groom a kilt. The clothing was weighted down for the conditions at the bottom of the tank.

The couple were joined in the water by bridesmaid Ala Bankowska and best man Charlie Cran-Crombie.

All four of them diving wore deep sea diving helmets and surface-supplied diving equipment.

The rings were presented to the couple by one of the diving centre's yellow ROVs.

The Underwater Centre's air diver training manager Ali McLeod officiated at the ceremony.

About 100 other guests watched the ceremony from outside the tank.