Unhygienic Beauty Salons in Riyadh?

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Unhygienic Beauty Salons in Riyadh?
Tue 12-06-2012

Saudi Gazette has recently reported that, the Philanthropic Society for Health Awareness Hayatana has warned women visiting beauty salons to take necessary precautions to protect themselves against possible infections.


Dr. Abdulrahman Yahya Al-Qahtan, Hayatana Secretary General, said in a statement that most women tend to ignore the fact that beauty salons could be incubators of germs transmitting infectious diseases if proper care was not taken.
" manicure and pedicure involve close skin contact and when tools slit the skin or cause bleeding, infection must be a concern. HIV and hepatitis viruses are only some of the most dangerous infections that could be transmitted to customers in this manner" he said.