Unlucky Bride and Groom Spend Wedding Night at Hospital

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Unlucky Bride and Groom Spend Wedding Night at Hospital
Sun 23-11-2014

An unlucky bride and groom spent their wedding night in adjoining beds on a hospital ward after being struck down with vomiting, fever and diarrhoea.

Maths teacher Kirsty Taylor-Pendlebury, 26, and her groom, Carl Pendlebury, 26, of Stevenage, fell sick as soon as they said their I Dos.

Their wedding planner then called an ambulance which rushed the bride and groom to hospital.

Now the devastated bride who spent most of her big day in tears says she cannot stomach looking at their wedding album after their day turned into disaster and because they both look so unwell in the pictures.

They say it will take them years to save enough to pay for another wedding, because they have not yet finished paying for the first which the young graduates put on credit cards.

The couple who met at school when they were 14, got engaged in 2010 after graduating from the same university.

They soon began planning their big day and eventually decided on an idyllic waterside wedding in the sun.

When the best man reported the groom curled in the fetal position of the bathroom floor in their hotel suite Mrs Taylor-Pendlebury wanted to cancel the ceremony.

She said: "Carl insisted that we carry on. We had waited so long to get married but it was turning into a nightmare."

The stunning speedboat arrival the couple had planned left Mrs Taylor-Pendlebury lying on the floor of the boat trying not to vomit on her wedding gown.

They managed to speedily exchange vows before Mr Pendlebury had to dash off to the toilet again leaving his bride to toast their wedding alone.

With bride and groom spending more time on the toilet than with their guests they had to admit defeat, instructing the wedding planner to end their celebration two hours early.

At hospital, Carl was diagnosed with severe dehydration and gastroenteritis.

Desperate to stay with her groom on their wedding night, the newlyweds were moved to a room in the maternity ward where Mrs Taylor-Pendlebury slept next to her husband in a camp bed.

The groom was discharged the following morning and the newlyweds spent the next five days in their hotel room recovering.

Meanwhile several other wedding guests started suffering the same symptoms and were also diagnosed with gastroenteritis.

Friends and family are trying to help the couple raise funds for a new ceremony to replace the bad memories of their last one and a donation page has been set up.

Source: Mirror