Usher Talks About His Secret Wedding in Cuba

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Usher Talks About His Secret Wedding in Cuba
Sun 06-12-2015

Usher talked about his recent wedding on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

The 37-year-old married his manager, Grace Miguel, in September, during a secret wedding in Cuba.

The singer told the daytime host that his wife is a 'wonderful woman.'

During the show, Ellen told the My Way singer: 'It's good to see you and congratulations to you! He got married!'

The Confessions singer answered: 'In Cuba. It was really great!'

Adding: 'You know what's funny. We put this picture up and we were actually just in Cuba on a cultural exchange and people were like "hey, they got married."' 

He continued: 'Ya know the ring is on the other finger you guys. But we had a great time. Wonderful woman. Grace Raymond.' 

The artist talked about his bride to Billboard in October: 'I have an incredible partner and manager. She has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life and my career.'

Source: Daily Mail