Vanessa Williams' Lavish Egyptian-Themed Wedding Invitations

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Vanessa Williams' Lavish Egyptian-Themed Wedding Invitations
Fri 24-07-2015

Vanessa Williams and husband Jim Skrip, who exchanged vows on the 4th of July, had Egyptian-styled unique wedding invitations that perfectly complemented the starlet’s lavish Egyptian-themed wedding.

“After initial communication between Giant Invitations (of Australia), Vanessa Williams and Jim Skrip, we finally locked down the color scheme and printing technique used to produce the luxurious and elegant invitation cards and wedding stationary. We settled on the elegant Marsala color of the year with a matte gold contrast to match their Egyptian floral theme and finished it off with a 14-carat gold plated lotus leaf that was applied by hand to every individual invitation for the final elegant finishing touch”, said Attila Vermes, the creative director at the UK’s branch, Adorn Invitations.

Have a look here at the making of those awesome wedding invitation cards:  






Vanessa Williams and Jim Skrip met in Egypt 3 years ago, which inspired their choice of Egyptian wedding décor that was complimented by gold and ivory tents, Moroccan lanterns and colorful flowers. Belly dancers and Egyptian folkloric troups entertained their guests.

The happy couple got married on the 4th of July in Buffalo, New York among family and friends. Read more about Vanessa Williams and Jim Skrip’s wedding here