Victoria Beckham To Design Eva Longoria's Wedding Dress

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Victoria Beckham To Design Eva Longoria's Wedding Dress
Wed 30-12-2015

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham have been friends for over a decade, and they both are considered to be two of the most fashionable celebrities out there.

And rumor has it that Eva Longoria has selected Victoria Beckham to design her wedding dress for her big day next summer.

Check out the picture Eva Longoria shared of her engagement and proposal!

The award-winning designer will create a 'romantic sexy silk gown' for the Desperate Housewives actress to wear when she ties the knot with businessman Jose Antonio Baston, The Sun claims.

A spokesperson for VB's line said: 'No one in our studio is aware of this. We don't make wedding dresses despite being asked many times in the past so it seems unlikely.' 

The report also claimed Victoria hopes to add a bridal-gown line to her business but a spokesperson for the label told MailOnline: 'We have no plans to expand the business to include wedding dresses. That is simply untrue.'