Video: Dog Captures His Owner's Marriage Proposal on Camera

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Video: Dog Captures His Owner's Marriage Proposal on Camera
Sun 19-04-2015

A man used a GoPro camera, positioned on top of his dog's head, to capture the heartwarming moment when he proposed to his beloved bride-to-be.

The video, featuring Kurt Gies and Amanda Wiseman, who live in Philadelphia, shows the proposal in full with the top of pet pooch Roo's head in the foreground.

And while it initially seems as though the dog is far more interested in other areas of the beach than the spot where her owners are standing, she manages to turn the camera to the couple at just the right moment, showing Kurt down on one knee and Amanda clutching her face in surprise. 

Although their words are muffled by the wind, it's clear that Kurt's proposal is gleefully accepted by Amanda when she emits a loud squeal and puts her hand up to her face to hide her shock.


Taking the camera off Roo's harness while Amanda stares at the new rock on her finger, Kurt gives the camera a broad grin and a thumbs up before his new bride-to-be gives him a kiss.