Video: Kim Kardashian Talks About Her Wedding

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Video: Kim Kardashian Talks About Her Wedding
Fri 08-08-2014

Kim Kardashian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and confirmed that the rumour about them having an engraved marble table was true.

She said: "We had this long table that everyone was eating at, and instead of having place cards we engraved everyone’s name in this marble table. He [Kanye] explained to everyone that we engraved the names because everyone is engraved in our hearts, and everyone that was there was so special to us."

She went on to reveal that Kanye’s wedding toast wasn’t 45 minutes long, as has been reported.

She said: "It wasn’t 45 minutes. It was about 20 minutes. It wasn’t about himself; it was about us and everyone that was there."

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