Video: Man Kidnaps Woman While Dancing at a Wedding

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Video: Man Kidnaps Woman While Dancing at a Wedding
Fri 05-12-2014

Kidnapping someone is usually done in the dark and in secret, but in a video shared by LiveLeak, a man decided to kidnap a woman in the middle of a wedding.

Not only was the kidnapping done during the wedding, the man kidnapped the woman while he was dancing with her.

In what seems to be a Circassian or Chechen wedding, the man is seen dancing with the lady who he soon attacks, carries, and runs away with.

Bride kidnapping has been practiced throughout history especially in the Caucasus region. The term is sometimes used to include not only abductions, but also elopements, in which a couple runs away together and seeks the consent of their parents later. 

It is not clear in the video whether the woman had previously agreed on being kidnapped or taken by surprise.