Video: Man Proposes to Girlfriend with Elephant's Help

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Video: Man Proposes to Girlfriend with Elephant's Help
Sat 21-02-2015

An elephant helped a romantic man propose to his girlfriend.

Ian Cavallier, 26, decided he wanted to surprise his fiancé Katie Boling by popping the question in the presence of her favourite animal.

But he had no idea he'd be lucky enough to find an elephant who would take the ring in its trunk and present it to the lucky girl.

"When she answered The Question it was the most beautiful 'yes' I'll ever hear!"

Ian drove student Katie four hours from their home in Asheboro, North Carolina to Natural Bridge Zoo in Virginia on the pretense that they were going to see the Autumn leaves near the mountains.

Instead, the old romantic had been planning the moment for two months and taking advice from his parents and friends on how to make the special day unique.

After Ian leads a blindfolded Katie into the enclosure, the video shows the elephant taking the ring box from a zookeeper and presenting it to Katie before Ian drops to one knee and pops the question.

"One zoo told me that they are unable to do anything like that, so at first I was discouraged that it wasn't going to work out."

"But I was very happy to find a place that did elephant rides and even had the proposal package. They helped out so much and were very polite."

Source: Daily Mail