Video: Man Recreates "Rude" Music Video to Propose to Girlfriend

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Video: Man Recreates "Rude" Music Video to Propose to Girlfriend
Sat 20-06-2015

One Australian man used a song in his very romantic wedding proposal, and he filmed the production.

The lyrics to “Rude,” Magic!‘s 2014 hit, are about a man asking his girl’s dad for his blessing before he proposes. When he’s denied, he deems this response impolite and tells the father that it was just a formality, so now he’ll steal her away.

Liam Cooper took that message to heart, deciding to use the song to soundtrack his elaborately-planned proposal to his high school sweetheart. Cooper explains the premise for the slick video, titled “Project Magic,” on his YouTube page: “When I decided I wanted to propose to my girlfriend Amy, I wanted it to be something pretty special and something she’d never see coming…”

Mission accomplished. Cooper herded all of their friends into a movie theater, where the crowd (including Amy) watched a video starring Liam and a man who we can assume is Amy’s dad enact a literal interpretation of the song’s lyrics.