Video: Man Sets Fake Job Interview to Propose to His Girlfriend

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Video: Man Sets Fake Job Interview to Propose to His Girlfriend
Mon 17-11-2014

Parisian born Peter Ntephe, 48, spent weeks tricking his unsuspecting girlfriend Marie Akendengue, 33, into thinking she had a big job interview coming up to hide the fact that he was planning on asking her to marry him.

Peter set up the elaborate scheme convincing Marie that she was set to meet with a potential new business partner at The Gherkin, London. 

He even encouraged her to spend weeks preparing for the bogus meeting, helping her rehearse her questions, all the while she was total unaware that it would turn out to be the biggest day of her life. 

When the day of the meeting came the interviewer, played by an actor, started off with questions about Marie’s company MAK Petroleum before moving on to some more personal questions.

Before she was left alone to watch a short presentation, unaware it was a slideshow put together by Peter of their journey together.

As Marie was shown a power-point presentation that had been set up by Peter, she began to realize that something might be up with her 'business meeting'.

And hopeless romantic Peter was the next surprise as he burst into the room bearing flowers and a diamond engagement band before popping the all important question - and luckily, despite Peter's trickery, she said yes. 

Source: Daily Mail