Video: Owl Delivers Wedding Rings to Couple

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Video: Owl Delivers Wedding Rings to Couple
Tue 26-05-2015

The look on the bride's face is priceless as a white owl gracefully glides down the aisle to deliver the rings in a wedding surprise that well and truly paid off for the groom and best man. 

Sunderland's Shaun Palmer broke free from the convention for his nuptials with Adele by choosing a feathered friend instead of the customary young nephew to be his ring bearer. 

Captured on camera is the moment Bilbo the barn owl flew down the aisle of St Andrew's church in Roker with two rings attached to its foot, and the subsequent delighted gasps from those gathered.

Only the groom and the best man were aware of the plan to have the owl deliver the rings at the wedding

Named after Bilbo Baggins, the character from Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, the owl landed safely onto the arm of the best man.

The rings were then removed and the bird flew back to its handler as every head in the church watched it exit.

Source: Daily Mail