Video: Sikh Groom Thrown From Horse During Wedding

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Video: Sikh Groom Thrown From Horse During Wedding
Thu 23-07-2015

A Sikh groom's wedding plans went off track last weekend after the horse he was on apparently became spooked and threw the man off its back outside a Surrey temple Saturday. 

In a video posted to Youtube, the horse seems to be uncomfortable the moment the groom climbs on, circling around its handler several times with the man on its back.

The crowd is heard saying "control it, everybody be quiet." 

Screams are heard from the crowd as they watch the groom being tossed off the horse. 

As a group of family and friends rush to see if the groom is injured, Stiasny is heard on video saying "Oh my god. Something fell on her [the horse]." 

The groom, who lost his turban in the accident, is seen standing after the incident. He was not seriously injured. 

Stiasny, who told CBC News her horse Misty has performed at several Indian weddings without incident — said she believes the groom may have caused the horse's reaction.

"When the groom was mounting up I had asked him to remove his sword and shoes before mounting, which I don't believe he did.  And the shoe was sticking inside the horse's side," she said. 

"Either his shoe or his sword was sticking into her. Unfortunately I'm on the opposite side so I can't see what he's doing so I can't fix it."