Video: Sisters Give Unique Wedding Speech to The Bride

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Video: Sisters Give Unique Wedding Speech to The Bride
Sat 18-07-2015

While most big days traditionally involve over emotional speeches from the father-of-the-bride or  the best man, the pair of siblings decide to take wedding reception formalities to another level with their hilarious creation.

The duo take to the stage and tell their sister they are going to step out of her shadow, asking the DJ to drop a beat.

They then launch into a medley of well-known hits, incorporating their own lyrics into cover versions to describe bride and groom John and Kate.

Filmed at the reception in Lake Tahoe, California, the duo start off with I Want You Back by the Jackson 5, brilliantly not letting a slip up derail them as they change into the Backstreet Boys' Everybody (Backstreet’s Back).

With the audience clearly in fits of laughter the sisters sing about the time they quizzed Kate about what happened on her first date with John.

The odd bum note doesn't deter the pair as they segue into Michael Jackson's Black and White as the sisters substitute the song's chorus to sing about John saying: "I love you so much baby that I want us to be man and wife."

With Kate in tears, they then finish with a version of of The Edwin Hawkins Singers song Oh Happy Day as the audience give them a standing ovation.