Video: Surprise Wedding at The Mall

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Video: Surprise Wedding at The Mall
Mon 29-12-2014

An Atlanta-based groom surprised his bride-to-be by setting up a flash mob wedding at the Mall of Georgia.

Brian Green and Christina McGinnis have been engaged in the past 4 years and have a daughter named Aspen.

After almost a year of painstaking planning, 34-year-old Brian decided to surprise his sweetheart with a wedding at the mall. The wedding was planned for Dec. 14 and, with the help of his twin and "accomplice" Chris, Brian managed to pull off the seemingly improbable.

Brian and Chris arranged things, including how 22-year-old Christina would turn up at the mall in a wedding gown thinking she was doing a bridal shoot for a friend. 

The video on YouTube has garnered close to 300,000 views (at the time of writing) and chronicles the surprise envisioned by Brian for his sweetheart.

Chris is shown accompanying Christina through the mall as they head toward the 50-foot Christmas tree in the amphitheater, which is the location of the surprise flash mob wedding.

Chris alerts Brian of Christina's arrival at the venue and the photographer conducts a mock photo shoot near the Christmas tree. Meanwhile, Christina's father arrives at the venue and is ushered to the other side of the tree. The photographer asks the bride to move to the other side for the next phase of the shoot and it is then Christina meets her father holding a bouquet.

"You're getting married today," he tells her.

Christina's mom, apparently elated, also joins the wedding party. The celebrations and ceremony begin.

At the time, the mall was not clued in on the plans and the security staff initially tried to break up the I do's. However, once they realized what was up, they gave in.

With nearly two weeks since the wedding, Christina is still in shock.

"She's been in shock ever since," says Chris. "She said it was like a dream."

Source: Tech Times