Vivien Leigh's Gone With the Wind Dress On Auction

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Vivien Leigh's Gone With the Wind Dress On Auction
Fri 01-11-2013

The  iconic gown from 1939 film Gone With the Wind will be on auction at Bonhams in New York this November.

The gown is expected to bring in between $50,000 and $70,000.

The blue accordion-pleated silk sleeping gown features angel sleeves and blue satin ribbon detailing, the dress is inscribed "Name Scarlett / No. 108-W.W. 381" in the back.

The dress was worn in a tragic scene in the film where Scarlett and Rhett Butler's daughter, Bonnie Blue, falls off a horse and dies.

For nearly 40 years, the dress was assumed lost. According to a report in the Daily Mail, instead of archiving this costume, the costume company gave the dress to one of the seamstresses working on set, and the dress didn't surface again until the '80s, when it was purchased by a memorabilia collector.

"She wears this negligee under a fox fur in the scene where Bonnie Blue Butler has the fall off the pony and dies," Catherine Williamson, Bonhams' director of fine books, manuscripts, and entertainment memorabilia, tells the Mail.

"For many years collectors thought this piece was lost, no one could find it. It wasn’t at the big MGM auction in the ‘70s and it wasn’t at the Western Costume Company, the company that made the costumes for the film."