Vogue Releases Its Stylish Wedding Guide

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Vogue Releases Its Stylish Wedding Guide
Wed 26-06-2013

Vogue.com put together a wedding guide just in time for summer weddings!

The Associated Press asked editor Jessica Sailer Van Lith to put together a list of signs that a wedding will be one to remember:

"The wedding, from beginning to end, should seem like it belongs to the bride and groom, not like they've plugged into someone else's dream."

"Couples can embrace the place they were so thoughtful in choosing by offering touches of local cuisine, decor or music."

"Don't truck in flowers or caterers who'll be driving for hours."

"The bride looks like herself. She shouldn't look for a "perfect dress" because there are too many of those, says Sailer Van Lith. What a bride should want is the right dress, and from there it should be easy to pick everything that goes with it, she says."

"At a stylish wedding, where someone has been thoughtful of the seating chart, all the guests will know the bride and groom have put them there for a reason: because they want these people from other parts of their lives to make a connection."

"Everyone invited is someone the bride and groom want to have there," says Sailer Van Lith. Period.

"Think of the wedding you want, and work backward."