Vow to Be Chic: New Business Idea for Bridesmaids Dresses

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Vow to Be Chic: New Business Idea for Bridesmaids Dresses
Tue 13-05-2014

Kelsey Doorey, Founder and CEO of Vow To Be Chic, believes that men have had it too easy for too long. When they are invited to join a wedding party, they simply roll into a tuxedo shop, rent a suit that (sort of) fits and off they go.

Kelsey decided that women should be afforded the same hassle-free, economical wedding experience as men, without sacrificing their fashion sensibility.

The result of her efforts is an online service that allows brides to select their bridesmaids’ gowns, within a broad range of colors, styles and price points. The dresses are then delivered via FedEx FDX +0.6%, either directly to each bridesmaid’s residence or to the bride, who can elect to hold a “fitting party” in which all the bridesmaids meet to try on their dresses together.

After the nuptials are over, rather than forcing the bridesmaids to jam an expensive dress they will never wear again into the back of their closets, they simply return their dresses to Vow To Be Chic via USPS. The gowns are then dry cleaned and readied for the next customer, in the spirit of the emerging sharing economy in which goods are communally used multiple times.

Kelsey Doorey: "Vow To Be Chic is the first company to offer designer bridesmaid dress rentals. We combine e-commerce and the shared economy with the bridal industry to bring an age-old tradition into the 21st century. Guys have been renting tuxes forever and now it’s the ladies turn. Our mission is to make the bridesmaid dress process cost efficient, convenient and fun."

"We are dedicated to carrying only top bridal designer dresses so we know that means fewer wears per dress than typical rental tuxedos, which can rent 100 times each! That said, we are working with our designers to create dresses in fabrics and styles that are more durable and will have a longer life. Our rule of thumb is that we won’t rent a dress that we won’t wear ourselves. Quality is definitely key for us."

Source: Forbes