Is Wael Kfoury Really Married?

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Is Wael Kfoury Really Married?
Wed 18-01-2012


Sorry single ladies! It seems that one of the most charming bachelors of the Middle East is secretely married. And have been hiding his marriage for a long time now.

The Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury, finally admits on being married, after his wife gave birth to his first child!

According to Sayidaty Magazine, "Wael revealed that while his wife was giving birth at the hospital he had shed tears and had mixed feelings between fear and joy."

Wael named his new born daughter Michele, and explained that this was his real name, Wael is just his fame name, and he wanted his daughter to carry the name Michele because she resembles him a lot.

Congratulation to Wael Kfoury on both, the marriage and the baby!