Wedding on 12-12-12 Not Interesting to Hong Kong Couples!

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Wedding on 12-12-12 Not Interesting to Hong Kong Couples!
Mon 10-12-2012

We know how the world is excited for the date 12-12-12 but it looks like this date failed to draw Hong Kong couples.

The couples who got marrie din 11.11.11 last year are much more than the couples getting married in 12.12.12.

Dates like 10.10.10 or 11.11.11 had so many couples getting married. But some Chinese feng shui masters said December 12 this year, which is seen as signifying love, was not ideal for nuptials.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese belief that seeks to channel good and bad psychic energy through the arrangement of furniture and ornaments. It also determines auspicious dates.

Feng shui master Sammy Au said that the triple 12 date is not perfect for marriage and rated it as just a “comparatively lucky day”.

Sammy Au picked December 18 and 31 as better dates.

A few couples who are getting married in 12.12.12 say their main reason is to tie the knot before December 21, which some doomsayers believe could be the date the world ends.

Other internet doomsayers have picked 12.12.12 as the date for the world’s end – further complicating marriage plans for the superstitious.