Wedding Above The Clouds On Turkish Airlines Flight

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Wedding Above The Clouds On Turkish Airlines Flight
Wed 03-06-2015

Two people who'd fallen in love after meeting on a Turkish Airlines flight returned, exactly one year later, to take their romance to another level.

When Serbian actress, Vjera Mujović and German doctor Stefan Preis, boarded the same Turkish Airlines flight in May 2014, little did they know they’d be returning to the same spot for their wedding. 

Having been seated next to each other on the TK 342 flight from Istanbul to Ulan Bator in Mongolia, the couple began chatting.  They discovered shared values, thoughts and opinions, despite not only their different backgrounds but also their separate reasons for taking this trip. Before long, they were struck by Cupid’s arrow, and a year later, on May 6 2015, they became husband and wife aboard the Turkish Airlines Belgrade-Istanbul flight on the same seats 5B and 5C, to be exact. 

Surrounded by their friends and family, the couple tied the knot in a ceremony overseen by Turkish Airlines, who supplied food, candlelight, rose petals, and wedding cake.

Source:Arabian Aerospace