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Wedding App for the Guests!
Wed 02-05-2012

Apps are raking over the world by storm. Wedding apps are making the lives of brides and grooms easier, but what about the guests?


A new app called "Appy Couple", functions as a couple's official wedding app! It is made for the guests to guide them through the wedding.



Guests can use the app to track information about the bachelorette party or other pre-wedding events, and helps them find their way to the venue on the wedding day, even post photos that they take!


The app is free for guests to download, they follow and email link or use a code to access the couple's wedding app.


You can create your own app at


There are 7 steps to create the app; each app comes with a wedding website that displays the same content.


You can choose different patterns and styles, you can add events, songs, polls, and all the information you want your guests to know.