Wedding Dress with 600,000 Swarovski Crystals on Display in The UAE

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Wedding Dress with 600,000 Swarovski Crystals on Display in The UAE
Sat 28-11-2015

A wedding dress that costs Dh959,000 is on display at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai.

The mesh crystal wedding gown currently up for sale at Harvey Nichols in Mall of the Emirates.

Adorned with 600,000 Swarvoski crystals, the shimmering outfit has been created by Dubai-based Dar Sara Fashion for people with taste and, of course, a lot of money.

Joumana Al Hayek, designer and owner of Dar Sara Fashion, said it took her two months to complete the gown.

“All the crystals were embellished by hand. It required meticulous precision and skill. There is no machine in the world that could have fixed the crystals on the dress which exemplifies the glitzy silhouettes of star icons of the past.”

Designer Fadi Adi Nader, who also worked on the dress, said the gown is a tribute to Swarovski’s 120th anniversary.

“This is a Dolce Vita dress that blends a decadent bouffant trail with a lustrous silk sheath décolletage. A mesh of Swarovski crystals on the skirt and the back of the dress are key highlights. The best thing about the gown is that it’s two-piece. You can remove the tail and use the dress like an after-party ball gown. We used various haute couture fabrics like Jacob Sliver embroidered tulle to create the different layers,” he said.

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