Wedding Guests Chase Thief Who Stole Wedding Gifts!

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Wedding Guests Chase Thief Who Stole Wedding Gifts!
Fri 28-09-2012

A thief almost ruined a couple's wedding in Plymouth by trying to steal a box full of wedding cards, gift vouchers and money! In front of more than 100 guests the suspect picked up the foot-tall box, wrapped in silver paper, from a table near the door. The "postbox" contained around 105 envelopes, many of which held gift vouchers or cash for the newlyweds. Lead investigator Det Con Mick Warne, said: "The suspect grabbed the box and ran out of the building." "Fortunately, members of the wedding party gave chase." "As the suspect ran he ripped open the top of the box and began to grab handfuls of cards and scattered them on the ground." "Shortly afterwards the guests found the box and the cards dumped on the Hoe, but the suspect had fled." "We are examining CCTV footage and sending away the box and wrapping paper for forensic analysis." "It's unlikely the sort of crime you would expect for a first offence." The suspect was described as white, aged between 20 and 30 years.