Wedding Party Gets Stuck in Elevator

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Wedding Party Gets Stuck in Elevator
Fri 16-10-2015

A couple got a major surprise and plot twist at their wedding when they were stuck in the elevator while going to their wedding.

Liz Copeland and Harry Stein​, had an absolute disaster happen on their wedding day, but turned it into a beautiful memory.

ABC News reports the couple got married in an old torpedo factory in Alexandria, Virginia. The day was going great until they stepped into an elevator with a large group of the wedding party. Twenty-four people including their ​parents, grandparents, wedding planner​,two wedding photographers, and a rabbi all climbed into the massive freight elevator on the way to the ceremony. Liz's mother even joked about getting stuck with the big group, which is exactly what happened. 

"​There wasn't really a crash or anything," Harry told ABC. "It just stopped."​


Chrissy Kissick was one of the wedding photographers stranded on the elevator with the bride and groom.  She said rather than freak out, the bride decided to make the most of it.

She started posing for pictures and having some fun. People trapped in the elevator started using the hashtag #copestein to Tweet the adventure. Kissick also grabbed some truly memorable shots of party as they waited to be rescued.