Wedding Photography Under Water in Egypt!

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Wedding Photography Under Water in Egypt!
Thu 19-01-2012

Looking for something new and innovative for your wedding pictures? How about taking your wedding pictures under water?

A group of photographers have recently started a new trend, which is taking your wedding pictures under water!

The funny thing is that the slogan of this new trend is "Smile so the picture won't get wet".

After the bride and groom get ready they get into a pool so their picture would be taken under water.

This idea first came to the Egyptian photographer Fadi Jawani, who commented "Taking pictures under water has been an ongoing trend in other countries. So I decided to start a competition on Facebook and the winner couple would get a free photo shoot from me. I wanted to give the winners something different and creative and that is when I came up with this idea." Talk about taking photography to a whole new level!

You all may ask "How did the couple attend their wedding after being all wet from the photoshoot?"

Jawani answers "The picture was taken 10 days before the wedding day, the bride's dress and the groom's suit were rented and not the same dress and suit they intended on wearing on their wedding."

Would you consider having your wedding pictures taken under water?