Wedding Planner from Hell Ruins Couple's Wedding

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Wedding Planner from Hell Ruins Couple's Wedding
Tue 18-11-2014

Lisa Harrison, a U.K. wedding planner, stole more than $125,000 from clients by promising them gorgeous New York City weddings that never happened.

Instead, she ruined the weddings of 19 couples and spent all the money on her online gambling addiction.

Her website, which has been taken down, said: 'iPlan New York was set up to create and style the perfect tailor made wedding for couples travelling to New York to get married!'

She was arrested in December last year after eventually coming clean to her victims in an email and saying she had been forced to close her business.

One victim called Jennifer wrote in November 2013: 'I had previously given Lisa a positive review because our vow renewal went wonderful.

'Little did I know until last week that she didn't even pay the vendors that helped with our ceremony.'

'I am so disgusted and can't fathom such an act. We paid her in full and to think that our photographer didn't even get paid is just astonishing to me.'

'I feel so horrible for the other couples that had their perfect day planned and this woman decided to perform such an act.'

'I pray for each of you in hopes that you will be able to move on from this and live a healthy and happy life with your significant other.'