Wedding Ring Stolen From Man's Gym Locker

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Wedding Ring Stolen From Man's Gym Locker
Wed 15-01-2014

A city center office worker was devastated to find his mobile phone, wallet, watch and wedding ring had been stolen from his locker at a Glasgow gym.

The 26 year old was the victim of thieves who he suspects looked over his shoulder and watched him enter a 4 digit code on a padlock which he used to secure his locker at the 24 hour Pure Gym in Bath Street.

As he tried to work out how they could know his bank card pin number, he realized he used the same four-digit number for his gym locker.

The Motherwell man, who asked not to be named, said: "I am annoyed with myself for using the same number as my bank card, but I'm sure it's something that a lot of folk would do."

"I certainly won't be making that mistake again."

When he was putting his items in the locker, there was a group of men in the gym who, looking back, he realized did not appear to be using any of the equipment and were just "hanging about."

He added: "They obviously moved very fast to open the locker and get out of the gym.

"When I went back to my locker at around midnight, it looked from the outside just as I had left it."

"It was locked, but when I went through my clothes I realized my wallet, phone and watch were gone."

"And my wedding ring was in a small compartment in the wallet. It's my wedding ring that I'm most gutted about losing."

"I only got married in summer last year and you obviously can't put a price on your wedding ring."

Police Scotland confirmed the theft had been reported and they are investigating.