The Wedding Singer: Omar Souleyman

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The Wedding Singer: Omar Souleyman
Mon 21-10-2013

The Guardian recently reported about singer Omar Souleyman and had a short interview with him.

Omar Souleyman who was once a very famous singer especially at weddings is now in exile, his native Syria wracked by civil war.

"All I want is for it to stop and for everyone to go back to their normal lives," he says. "When I see hungry people, or dead people, it saddens me. Sometimes I no longer feel like singing."

Omar Souleyman is now in Turkey, and he is about to release his most high-profile album, having gone from local pop star to world music curio to sharing a label with the Arctic Monkeys, leaving a trail of bounding dancers in his wake.

"My music is from the community I come from – the Kurdish, the Ashuris, the Arabic, they're all in this community. Even Turkish because it's so near, it's just across the border. And even Iraqi."