Wedding Video of Indian Couple Has Gone Viral

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Wedding Video of Indian Couple Has Gone Viral
Sat 06-06-2015

Wedding photographers, who needs them bossing you around on your big day? And the Good Lord help you if you mess up a ritual, say thejaimala or garland exchange, and consequently the photo.

The groom, with the world's most disinterested and bored look on his face, proceeds to garland his bride, almost in slow motion. The bride, with her head bent demurely, tries to do the same and misses.

The garland goes only halfway and ends up dangling from the groom's turban.Not the ideal photo or video moment, the to-be-couple are asked to repeat the entire process for the cameras once again.Take 2: The bride tries to bell her cat again.

And fails again.This epic fail sends the long suffering groom into an incredible show of petulance that is as hilarious as it is unexpected.