Whitney Port Talks About Wedding Details

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Whitney Port Talks About Wedding Details
Fri 23-10-2015

Fashion designer and author Whitney Port recently shared her pre-wedding beauty routine, read the details here!

And Whitney Port's wedding is just around the corner and E! News caught up with the bride-to-be to discuss the details surrounding her big day.

The Whitney Eve designer and her fiancé, Tim Rosenman will have an intimate ceremony, Whitney Port explained that the couple will "definitely be writing our own vows. We have some family that's a part of it. It's going to be really personal."

As for the wedding style, Whitney revealed it will be have "modern take on a traditional wedding. The whole vibe of it is just going to be one big, fun party!"

The 30-year-old has also been designing her own wedding dress, and she's the first to admit that she's surprised by what the final design has become.

"When I first pictured myself as a bride, really simple, silk, something strapless or spaghetti straps, kind of like a slip dress. As the planning process went on, I decided, 'You know I think I want to do something a little more elaborate, a little more special.' So, the dress has a lot of detail to it, it's pretty full on."

"I know this sounds super cheesy, but I feel like the night that I met him as soon as I met him I just knew  I loved him. I know it sounds crazy, but I feel like you can just meet someone, and feel their energy and get to know their personality that fast. I have really strong gut reactions, so I just knew right away. He makes me laugh so much that for me if I'm laughing this much for the rest of my life, I'm a happy girl!"

Source: E! News