Who is The Woman With The Longest Hair?

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Who is The Woman With The Longest Hair?
Mon 04-11-2013

Ni Linmei from Taiyuan, Shanxi province in China last cut her hair when she was just 16 years old!

She is now 55 years old, her hair is 3 meters long and Ni has to stand on a chair to get it combed, which takes both of her daughters to do.

Ni is not alone in China with her ‘longest hair in the world’ claim.

Another woman, named Jiang Aixiu, also from China claims her hair is over 3.6 meters-long and she hasn’t cut it since 1990.

In 2004, the Guinness Book of World Records had Xie Qiuping with her at hair 5.627-metres long.