Why Brides Suffer From Post Wedding Blues?

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Why Brides Suffer From Post Wedding Blues?
Sun 22-03-2015

A paper published last week in the Journal of Family Issues found that just shy of %50 of brides suffer from postnuptial blues. This can range from temporary sadness and discontent to full-blown depression.

While the study, conducted by Laura Stafford and Allison M. Scott, was small, it only included 28 newly married women, bridal blues is the dirty little secret discussed anonymously on bridal forums. And some psychologists and counsellors report that it is on the increase.

Stafford and Scott investigated the circumstances that surround bridal blues and found three distinct differences between the happy brides and ones who discovered wedded bliss is anything but.

Firstly, they found that many blue brides reported being uncertain about whether they had married the right man. Some blue brides said they felt unloved and even contemplated divorce on their honeymoon, while others had to readjust their expectations after the ring was on.

By contrast, happier brides described feelings of satisfaction and security in their post-wedding relationships.

A second factor in postnuptial blues was the bride's view that the wedding was all about her and fulfilling her childhood fantasy. The researchers found that blue brides focused on themselves during the wedding planning process whereas the happier brides were more inclusive of their partner and family's wishes.

Thirdly, the bluest brides framed their wedding day in terms of loss and grief. The biggest day of their life is over and they're not special or in charge anymore.

Unlike the blue brides, the happiest brides viewed their wedding as a beginning of a new chapter in their life and looked forward to all the new 'firsts' they would experience as a married couple.

Some happy brides considered the wedding as just something they had to get through, rather than their one day to shine.

Source: Daily Life