Why Drew Barrymore's Mother Didn't Attend her Wedding

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Why Drew Barrymore's Mother Didn't Attend her Wedding
Sun 20-01-2013

In a new episode of "Oprah's Next Chapter," actress Drew Barrymore sat down with Oprah to discuss her 30 year career, her husband, Will Kopelman, and their newborn baby, Olive.

During the interview, Drew Barrymore revealed that her mother with whom she has had a troubled relationship was not present at her wedding.

"She was not there actually, which was really hard," Barrymore says. "Really, really hard."

Drew Barrymore's mother, Jaid, didn't pull a no-show, and Drew Barrymore didn't neglect to send her an invite. Both agreed beforehand that Jaid would not attend the wedding.

"We both discussed it and we just thought it would be best," Drew Barrymore says.

"Well that's a very grown-up thing to do," Oprah responds. "A non-grown-up thing to do would be just to not invite her and then to carry that forward and then for years you don't speak...."