Wife Finds Husband's Second Wife on Facebook

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Wife Finds Husband's Second Wife on Facebook
Wed 18-02-2015

A wife found out her husband got married to another woman the most painful possible way, after he posted pictures of his second wedding on Facebook!

Worse still, Adrian Linham, 43 was marrying his new ‘bride’ on a Mexican beach he had visited on his honeymoon with wife Liz 7 years before.

Adrian had told Liz he was working in Bangor, South Wales – but he was actually living a second life with Hayley Totterdell 16 miles away from their home in Rookery Manor, in Somerset.

Liz explains: "I got a letter from his mum on 21 August 2014," she said. "It said that she was sorry to hear Adrian and I had gotten divorced and that she hoped I was dealing with it ok."

"She then went on to say that she had been on Facebook and seen Adrian’s wedding pictures to Hayley and hoped that his new marriage hadn’t affected me too much."

"It was such a huge shock to me, I went on to Facebook and found the pictures pretty much straight away."