Wife Kills Husband After Discovering She Cheated on Him

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Wife Kills Husband After Discovering She Cheated on Him
Sun 11-11-2012

According to Emirates 24/7 an Egyptian family won the right to exhume the body of their dead son after they suspected that his wife and her lover killed him.

According to the Al Youm Al Sabea'a newspaper the public prosecutor allowed for the body to be exhumed a month after the man died.

The victim, identified as Ahmed Ibrahim Abou El-Ma'ati, died about a month ago in mysterious conditions, but was buried.

The police conducted an extensive investigation and believe the husband was strangled to death by his wife, identified as Wala'a A and her 30 year old boyfriend who is identified as Ahmed Y.

The Police claim that the husband discovered his wife was involved in an illicit relationship with this person, so the wife and the lover strangled him to death.

Forensic examinations of the exhumed body showed strangle marks on neck of the victim.

The prosecutor ordered the imprisonment of the accused pending investigation.