Will Liberty Ross Take Rupert Sanders Back?

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Will Liberty Ross Take Rupert Sanders Back?
Mon 27-08-2012

Liberty Ross is having second thoughts about divorcing Rupert Sanders after he cheated with Kristen Stewart.
But it looks like the model will not get back to him unless he signs a 5 point list of demands.

According to The People: ""There's a five-point plan that Liberty has drafted up that she would need Rupert to follow and sign in order for her to consider dropping the lawsuit."
"Time will tell but for now no more depositions in the case are being taken while lawyers on both sides wait to see if Rupert can meet the criteria and even if he does, if that will be good enough for Liberty to feel she can trust him again."

Liberty has also banned her husband from working with Kristen Stewart ever again.

Will Rupert sign Liberty's demands? Stay tuned to find out.