Will Mary-Kate Design Her Own Wedding Dress?

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Will Mary-Kate Design Her Own Wedding Dress?
Thu 15-05-2014

Now that one of the Olsen' twins is engaged, rumors are surrounding Mary-Kate Olsen.

As a fashion designer and one of the world's most photographed women, you might think that Mary-Kate Olsen had been planning her wedding dress ever since she got engaged to Olivier Sarkozy in March - or even long before - but, despite recently making a wedding dress for a friend along with her sister Ashley, it seems that nothing could be further from her mind.

"I'm, like, not even there yet," she said. "I think it may be a matter of getting five or six, or making two or three and being stressed out. That seems kind of far away. We'll take one step at a time."

The Olsens were speaking as they prepared to open the first shop for their The Row label, which - rather than basing it in their adopted fashion homeland, New York - is in their hometown, LA.

"We've always wanted our own store; it's always been part of the plan," Mary-Kate said. "It was a toss-up between New York and LA, and when this space became available, we jumped on it. It used to be a hair salon and my sister and I used to come here, so we were very aware of the space," to which Ashley added: "We are from here, and The Row started here, so it was all very appropriate."

Source: Vogue