Woman with 6 Weeks to Live Has Dream Wedding

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Woman with 6 Weeks to Live Has Dream Wedding
Mon 30-03-2015

Natalie Price of Redditch, UK, was diagnosed with lung disease Fibrosing Alveolitis at birth and was told she only had 6 weeks to live on March 6.

This wasn't the only heartbreaking event for Natalie, 30, who recently lost her who lost her 10-week-old daughter, Paige, to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and her mom to cancer.

So when Natalie made her dying wish for a fairy tale wedding, her friends and family jumped into action, The Daily Mail reports.

Her fiancé Andy gathered the troupes and put one together in just 20 days. The result is a spectacularly lovely event for an incredibly strong woman. "Natalie and I have been together for 11-years and we are soul mates. We'd always wanted to get married but we just never got round to planning it," Andy said.

The entire town stepped in to help finance the event, with tons of donations to make it an incredibly special day. In attendance were friends and family, including her sons, Callum, 11, and Bradley, 8, who has just been diagnosed with Natalie's same condition.

"I'm so happy to have finally married Andy," she said. "Our wedding day was the best day of my life."

She is now raising money to send her sons to Disneyworld after she dies to take their minds off their mom being gone.

Source: Cosmopolitan