Woman Accused of Killing Fiancé on Wedding Day!

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Woman Accused of Killing Fiancé on Wedding Day!
Mon 13-08-2012

A woman from Pennsylvania was supposed to be spending her first full day as a newlywed, but instead she spent it in jail. The woman was accused of killing her fiancé hours before they were to get married.

Na Cola Darcel Franklin, was charged with criminal homicide in Saturday morning stabbing death of Billy Rafeal Brewster, in their Whitehall Township apartment.

According to reports, the woman was unable to grasp that her fiancé was dead and pleaded to the judge, "You got to check again!" When asked if she understood the homicide charge, Franklin wept and choked out the words one at a time: "I did not kill him on purpose." Preliminary investigation revealed 2 stab wounds that resulted in a punctured heart.