Woman Finds Lost Wedding Ring Through Facebook!

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Woman Finds Lost Wedding Ring Through Facebook!
Thu 17-04-2014

It just goes to show that engraving jewelry is not just sentimental, but smart!

A California couple have been reunited with the wedding they lost two years ago, and it's all thanks to the message that was scrawled on the inside of the band.
And Facebook, of course.

Jenna Birchim was at Ellwood Beach in Ojai with her family when what she thought was a bottle cap that had washed up on the rocks was actually a ring.

Ojai couple Sarah and Greg Lindsay were reunited with a wedding ring they lost at Ellwood Beach two years ago, after Jenna Birchim found it washed ashore and put a photo on Facebook.

As she inspected it, Birchim found an inscription that said 'My Love, My Life, My Lobster'.

She thought that meant it belonged to a fisherman, but either way, it might be just be enough to try and find its rightful owner.

Birchim put a photo of the ring on Facebook, which was subsequently shared over 25,000 times.

One of the people that came across worked with a woman named Sarah Lindsay.

Sarah knew straight away the ring belonged to her husband, Greg, because it was her message engraved on it.

'I thought it was somewhere in the Pacific,' Greg told KEYT.

'There's no way, I thought after losing it, there's no way it would come back on shore.'

Amazingly, the picture had only been on Facebook four days before Sarah Lindsay came across it.

Greg and Sarah Lindsay are expecting their first child together in August. They said it's 'unbelievable' to have found their lost wedding ring two founds after it was displaced
On Saturday, Birchim met with the Lindsays to give them back their ring.

'Totally resorted my faith in humanity,' Greg said.

Source: Daily Mail