Woman Lucky to Be Alive After Husband Sets Fire to Wedding Dress

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Woman Lucky to Be Alive After Husband Sets Fire to Wedding Dress
Sun 10-05-2015

An engineer doused his wife's wedding dress in petrol and set it alight after a drunken argument!

In a temper Mark White, 42, grabbed fuel from his garage and splashed it over the gown before striking a match, a court heard.

His now ex-wife Tracy Lawson said: “I am grateful I am still alive”.

The damage was confined to a dressing room but other parts of the house in Llanishen, Cardiff, filled up with smoke.

White was jailed for three years after admitting reckless arson at Cardiff Crown Court.

“She woke to find he had returned, there was an argument and when she woke again, he was saying ‘You had better get up, there’s a fire’.”

Police found the petrol can back in the garage and saw White with his face and hands blackened.

He said he’d decided to burn the dress after she said hurtful things to him.

But when he set it alight, he realised what he had done and beat the fire out with his hands, thinking it was fully extinguished.

He went downstairs but half an hour later the house had filled with smoke.

He said his intention had been “to teach her a lesson” and he would “never intentionally hurt her”.