Woman Married Her Brother's Bride-to-Be to Not Cancel Wedding

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Woman Married Her Brother's Bride-to-Be to Not Cancel Wedding
Thu 20-03-2014

A crazy wedding story was reported by Emirates 24/7!

Kamalesh Chandran, was all set to fly from Dubai to wed his bride but had to return to his accommodation after having waited for hours at the airport expecting to get his passport.

The groom works at a furniture company in Dubai, and could not reach the marriage venue in Kerala, on time because his female boss did not release his passport.

And so his sister Kavitha, tied the holy knot on his behalf. 

His sister stepped in only to avoid cancelation of a marriage fixed almost a month ago. 

"And again as per custom the Hindu caste that he belongs to the groom just places the Mangalasoothra (a golden chain which symbolizes the man's commitment to his wife) and it is his sister who ties the knot."

There were some complaints from the conservative family members on both side of the bride and bridegroom, but we have formalized the marriage.

"My sister married her on my behalf and it is acceptable in our society," Chandran told Emirates24|7.